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Can Music Be Seen As Literature?

In general, the definition of literature covers any artistically created written work. People tend to think of literature as books and poetry exclusively, though there are certainly arguments to be made for other entertainment mediums. Music, in particular, makes for an interesting study. After all, the vast majority of songs tell stories, complete with narrators […]

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Looking at the Connection Between Literature Review and Analytical Essays

Perhaps no major has to master the analytical essay more than the English and literature major because every single book is a literature review that requires in-depth reading and the appropriate analysis to follow. Why is this the case? There is no simple answer, but it almost certainly has to do with the fact that […]

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What Are The Different Forms Of Literature?

Reading and writing are both great forms of communication and greatly influence people of all ages. When it comes to these forms of communicating, there are quite a few different forms, or genres. The writing genres are used for various reasons and are chosen depending on what the author wants to get across, how they […]

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