Are Comics Literature?: The Comics/Art Conundrum

comic strip

While comics have entertained people for generations, many people are reluctant to think of them as art. A lot of people assume that all of the stories told in comic books are simplistic in nature. They assume that no literary comics have ever been published.


Are comics literature? To answer these questions, you must first take a look at what literature is considered to be. In a broad sense, literature could apply to anything that is a written production. Comics can certainly be considered literature if you use this definition.


However, when most people use the word literature, they’re referring to something different. To these people, literature isn’t just any kind of written work; it’s work that is widely considered to have significant artistic or literary value.


The majority of superhero comics could not be called literature. These books are published on a monthly basis and are subject to a number of restrictions.


As an example, the writers of a superhero comics have to keep up with the comic book continuity of the universe they’re writing in. If someone is writing a Batman tale, they must abide by the current rules of the Batman universe. These restrictions can make it difficult for writers to create truly meaningful works of art.


However, it’s important for people to keep in mind that there are many comics that aren’t subject to these restrictions. Some writers are able to publish their own stories using characters that are wholly original. Other writers are able to avoid monthly deadlines and release a complete story all at once. Comics published this way are frequently referred to as graphic novels.


People should also know that comics are about more than superheroes. When comics were at their prime, all kinds of stories were being published. There were westerns, horror tales, and romances. There were comics that were humorous, comics that were written for children, and comics that were quite adult.


Although superhero comics managed to make a bigger impact than most of the competition, comics in other genres are still being published today. Many people would be surprised to learn how diverse the comic book genre really is.


One comic title that is often referred to as literature is “Maus.” This book tells a heart-wrenching story about the Holocaust. Although the main characters in the story are drawn as mice, the stories told in the book are based on real history.


There are also comics aimed at children that are considered to be literature. A particularly popular children’s comic series is “Bone,” a tale of a creature who is forced to leave the comforts of his home. Over the course of the story, the creature makes friends and has a variety of adventures.


Even superhero tales are sometimes considered to be literature. One of the most praised comic book tales is “Daredevil: Born Again,” which was written by Frank Miller. This dark tale shows how to fall a superhero can call, and demonstrates what they might be able to do in order to find redemption.


It would be foolish to assume that all comics are literature. After all, a lot of comic books are little more than advertisements for cartoons, video games, and movies. With that said, it would be just as foolish to assume that no comics are literature.


Anyone with an interest in comic books should take it upon themselves to read the most popular titles in the genre. They should read stories like “Blankets,”Persepolis,” and “Road To Perdition.” They may even want to read licensed comics, like the Donald Duck comics written by Carl Barks and Don Rosa.


As people read these stories, they should gain a better understanding of how comics can be literature. Comics are more than just tales of muscled superheroes. Comic books are simply a medium; all kinds of tales can be found there.


Are comics literature? Yes, some comic books are. The more you read comics, the easier it will be for you to find comics with genuine literary value. You’ll be able to find comics that you can enjoy no matter what your tastes are. There are excellent comic books in every genre you could imagine.