Picking Out English Literature For Children

Literature for Children

Let’s say you have a group of children who are in class and now have to select English literature for them to read through. What will you do so you pick something they will want to read? Do you just pick anything? Do you just go with the bestsellers of the time?

No, there is more to the selection and when you are able to look at this, you can do more with the literature you are giving to them. It does not have to be a class and you might just be getting it for your own child. The goal is still the same because you want it to be engaging enough for them to enjoy and get something out of it.

Think About Age

What age group are you going to be targeting with the book that is being picked? If they are older, you might have more control with what you are getting. You also want to get a book that is challenging for that age group. You should not aim low because a poorly structured book for their age group is not going to let them connect.

Each age group has their own preferred literature and that is how the books are written. You just have to notice this and pick the ones that are good for the age group you are dealing with.

Figure Out Themes Being Discussed

Read through it yourself and know what themes are going to be touched upon in the book. There are new themes in each book and you should know about them. You don’t want something drastic because even though a book might be for their age group, it might not have the right themes that you are after.

Maybe you are looking to go with a book on gender, so you should not be getting a book that is on something irrelevant. It is important to stick to the themes you want and then move around that filter.

Look At Prose

The next thing is the writing itself. How has the person written it? Have they done well with what you are going for? Do they write in a way that is hard to understand? It is critical to look at this because the words are what will determine how good the literature is.

The difficult prose is very challenging and not fun to read at all. it becomes a real chore and that is not what reading should be about.

Consider Time Spent Reading

Children of a certain age will get bored if they are spending too much time reading and it becomes difficult. They want to spend a specific amount and then be done with it. If you go over this time span, you are now looking to bore them and they won’t appreciate it.

What you require is an idea of how they are going to spend time reading and how long it will take for them to complete a portion. This should help with the selection.

English literature is not simple to select and you will have moments of hesitation. You will think a certain narrative is not good and how its themes might not be good. The first thing you need to assess is how good the read is. If there is a captivating read in front of you, it is better to go with that instead of something that might have better ‘prose’.

A better read should always win out over some of the other factors that were pointed out. A good read is a big part of reading.