Studying the Various Types of Literary Criticism

While you can learn a lot just by reading a literary work, you can even learn a lot more by analyzing it. As you study the texts and discuss its themes, you’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding of what the author is trying to convey.

Of course, there are many different types of literary criticism. It’s a good idea to be aware of the many ways in which works of fiction are analyzed before you take any kind of literature course. That way, you’ll be prepared for what’s coming.

One of the primary ways in which literature is analyzed is to look at it from a moral standpoint. This could include comparing the morals at the time period against the morals of today as well as looking at the kind of values the author is promoting with the text. You can learn a lot by reading a book or short story in this way.

It’s also very common to analyze works of fiction from the perspective of the reader. Whenever a person consumes a piece of entertainment, they bring their own ideas and values to the table. That has an impact on the way they see the finished work.

This is an especially valuable form of criticism for when people are reading a text as a group. They can all discuss their own interpretations of a story and try to figure out why people in the class have different opinions of the story.

It’s also common to critique stuff from a sociological perspective or from a feminist perspective. This type of analysis might look at how an author’s gender influenced the text of a story, whether that influence was conscious or unconscious. It can also be interesting to see if an author rejected many of the social norms of the time.

Even when a story doesn’t contain any fantasy elements, it’s also common to critique it from the perspective of mythology. A lot of works use archetypes that come from old myths and apply them to more modern settings. This is something that has been seen in a number of classic books.

Of course, basic criticism is also a major part of literary analysis. Readers go through a book or story, look at the various elements contained within it and talk about what that might mean, without applying any specific forms of criticism.

In some courses, they use the author’s own biography when critiquing the work. When they understand the kind of life the author lives, they can pick up on a lot of things in their work that they may not have noticed otherwise.

A literature course can be quite challenging if you’ve never analyzed a book before. However, once you’re aware of the various types of literary criticism, you’ll start to naturally look at the entertainment you consume in this way. It can enhance your enjoyment of things and help you to have a lot of interesting conversations. It’s indeed a field of study that can be very beneficial!